Wasted Years reviews - 3/18/15

Got some great reviews from reverbnation reviewers. Thank you so much!!

 - An alluring blues track. A very good intro with well played blues lines. The singing is very good ; a fine tone and accurate pitch. the singer delivers…

New Single Released!!! - 3/7/15

Hey there fans! My new original titled "Wasted Years" has finally come out! This song is about doing everything to help a person, where I give them a band, a place to play music, and get them gigs. In the…

Busy times - 2/17/15

Hey guys! It's been a crazy few weeks! I got the opportunity of a lifetime to jam with the Karp Foley Band, and they are very professional, talented musicians and super kind at the The Sellerville Theatre. Cople days after…

New band, Lunar! -1/8/15

I recently formed a band with amazing musicians my age called "Lunar". We play cover songs from the 60s/70s (Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Led Zeppelin), and have our very own complex originals!
Check Lunar out:

Playing with Dave Fields - 12/19/2014

Friday night I had the honor to jam with Dave Fields, one of the best guitarists I've had opportunity to play with, at The Twisted Tail, and it was an amazing experience! All of the musicians there were absolutely phenomenal,…

High School Blues video - 12/10/2014

Recently I went to Blue Heron Studios, where I had a live studio session with Jessi Teich, an ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY singer, where I got the opportunity to perform my blues original "High School Blues" with her and other fabulous, professional…

First Radio Play - 12/3/2014

I would like to thank Blues102 and Bill Kenton for playing my original song (High School Blues) on their radio station last Sunday. it is such an amazing feeling to know that my song has been played on the radio,…

High School Blues reviews - 11/26/2014

I submitted my new song "High School Blues" for reviews at the Some interesting comments 

- A lazy, winding, jazz-like intro gives way to a bluesy guitar. I like it! Reminds me of relaxing on a porch on a…